2016 About AUCD


AUCD envisions a future in which all people, including those living with developmental and other disabilities are fully included, participating members of their communities. We see equitable access to supports and services that reflect the preferences and values of diverse communities and that lead to self-determination, independence, productivity, and a healthy and satisfying quality of life.

sticky-mittensAUCD values the participation of people with disabilities, family members, and  trainees, and a culturally diverse membership in its governance and programs. The AUCD network promotes self-determination, family-centered care, and cultural competence in disability services and supports throughout the life span.


AUCD is a network of interdisciplinary centers that advances policy and practice for and with individuals with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and communities. We support and promote a national network of university-based interdisciplinary programs:



These programs serve and are located in every U.S. state and territory and are all part of universities or medical centers. They serve as a bridge between the university and the community, bringing together the resources of both to achieve meaningful change.

AUCD supports this national network through

  • leadership on major social problems affecting all people living with developmental or other disabilities or special health needs
  • advocacy with Congress and executive branch agencies that fund and regulate programs used by people with disabilities
  • networking and partnering with other national organizations to advance the network’s national agendas
  • promoting communication within the network and with other groups by collecting, organizing, and disseminating data on network activities and accomplishments
  • technical assistance provision on a broad range of topics

Strategic Map

AUCD’s 2015-2016 Strategic Map outlines five key priority areas and corresponding sub-goals for our organization and network over the next two years, and serves as a guide for our collective work and mission. It is our hope that this map will empower and equip the AUCD staff and network membership to increase the power of AUCD by strengthening our network, engaging the public, and expanding our impact to the broader disability community and other key stakeholders.

IAUCD Strategic Mapn the map, “AUCD” refers to the collective efforts of both the Association’s central office in Silver Spring, MD, and the nationwide network as a whole. We appreciate the input and ideas that our strategic planning process has generated from the network and we hope this map resonates with the priorities of your Center.

The AUCD Board and staff are excited about implementing this ambitious plan, and we welcome your ideas for how the work of your center can help strengthen the network, engage the public and expand our impact and reach between now and the end of 2016. If you have questions about any of the identified priorities, or suggestions for how AUCD can move a priority forward, please contact Executive Director Andy Imparato and AUCD at aucdinfo@aucd.org.


In 2016, AUCD’s policy team covered a wide number of issues for ourimg_8656 members and the disability community. In addition to sponsoring the Disability Policy Seminar attended by over 700 people advocating for stronger disability laws and regulations, the team established a strong partnership with the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, recognizing the intersection of issues for people with disabilities and other groups fighting for equality and social justice. During the past year, that fight has included working to influence the budget process to support member Centers and Programs as well as working to ensure that laws such as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act contain provisions to support children with disabilities.